What is an ECE

Being “educators is more than love, caring, and joy—it is work that is multifaceted, complex, and dynamic. Your role as co-learner, co-researcher, co-imaginer of possibilities calls for a playful and seeking spirit, a willingness to participate, persist, and care, even when it is challenging. As well, your role is made more dynamic through imagining, creating, and inventing possibilities.” (Makovichuk et al. 2014)

For 25 years, Allegro has been lucky to do what we love and support 100s of families, none of which would be possible without our amazing ECE’s who are dedicated to continuing learning, providing quality care and building our community.

Our educators come in every day, trying to be their best selves to be available for your littles- to provide learning environments that peek curiosity, to be emotional support, and be a first aid responder; they meet physical needs, promote language development, they mediate/support problem solving, they encourage during risk taking, include and advocate for each child; they celebrate their successes and encourage trying again. They are constantly learning, reflecting and evolving- min by min- day by day. The see and support the whole child, recognizing and valuing the family as one.

To celebrate them, and to honour ECE’s, we have asked them what it means to be an ECE:

“To be inspired and give inspiration. To be valued and give value. To be compassionate and give compassion. To be supported and give support. To see wonder, curiosity, exploration, autonomy, passion, joy, engagement, empathy and creativity all in a days work. Truly the most amazing/rewarding role one can have.”

“This is where my heart is. It’s about building those connections and relationships and giving the children the skills they need to venture out into this big crazy world of ours.”

“We prepare children for life- not for school- building the foundation for further exploration, creativity and learning.”

“Being an early childhood educator means being adaptive, creative and compassionate. It means guiding little ones as they explore themselves and the world around them. It means being protector, a facilitator, a guide and an advocate for each child.”

“Forming connections with little human who are with us for sometimes more than 40 hours a week. Learning their likes, dislikes, trauma, trigger and accepting them as they are. Providing a safe learning environment, being with them as they navigate through their routine, emotions, questions and interests”

“To me, being and ECE means being there for the children even when they are testing me. Showing them love, care and patience in setting boundaries. It means delighting in their silliness and their accomplishments but also being their to help them understand how they’re feeling and letting them just feel those feelings.”

“I find it rewarding to be working in ECE field and care, and to listen to the children talking during their learning experiences and to scaffold on their interests. Overall, I enjoy spending time with little ones.”

“Being an ECE means giving out full heart to shape a little mind and play a role in development of children and how they learn. Engaging my mind and soul to support their struggle, cultivate dreams and learning every day.”

“There 1825 days between the day children are born and the day they go to school, there are 1825 days their brains are soaking up information.” _ Early Childhood Colorado

Thank you to our ECE’s for building this wonderful community and providing our littles the opportunities to be curious, capable and confident – giving them the absolute best start!

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