My Open Letter

While the department continues to do the work on creating the plan for Nova Scotia to be a part of the National Child Care Plan, we want them to remember that many of us entered this field because we have a passion for child development and supporting families; we worked hard to save and secure loans to open centres. For many of us, we invest in our centre to ensure our children and families are getting quality care, the best experiences, enriched in current developmentally appropriate practice.

We also want the department and families to understand that ECE’s have been severely underpaid for decades, opening a centre allowed many women to work in a field they love but earn a living wage to support their families and plan for retirement.

Private operators are gathering their stories, to share their behind the scenes and busting any myths that may be out there about the “glamorous” life of most child care operators.

If you are or know a small business operator, you know that entrepreneurs work around the clock, there really isn’t such thing as a day off but just out of office; when you invest so much of yourself emotionally, physically and financially- that small business is more than just a business, its your baby, its your legacy. Of course we are going to fight to protect that.

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