Primary Registration

February is school registration month: which undoubtedly brings up a rollercoaster or emotions and questions. We are here to tell you that for this month, you just have to worry about logistics; having your child prepared for school- we’ve got that!

So here are a few things for you to know 

  1. If your child turns 5 by December 31, 2022 they are eligible to register for Primary! However you are also allowed to take an extra year, if you feel your child isn’t quite ready to make that jump, you are eligible to stay in child care for one year and still receive services and  subsidies as needed. 
  2. You can register online! You will need to upload proof of identity (like a passport or birth certificate ) , proof of your civic address (like a bill) and proof of medical insurance (MSI). To register click here
  3. It is time to choose French immersion or English as your program. If you choose FI, you can opt out any year and transfer to English. If you choose English, you can not opt into FI until grade 7. It is important to consider your child’s development and, learning style when making the decision that will best suit your child and family. Click to access french_second_language_brochure_2021.pdf 
  4. It is also time to start thinking about after school care. If you don’t know anyone in your neighbourhood, email the principal/secretary of the school for a list of before and after school programs that service their school. Excel is available at the school but often space are limited. You’ll want to ask questions like : is Excel accessible or does it have long wait lists? Who else services the school for after school programs? What transportation is available?
  5. If for any reason you are hoping to register in a school that is out of your zone, you can apply for an out of area request- however you won’t know about approval until June,23,2022 according to the HRCE website. 
  6. Look into transportation, if you are requiring the bus make sure that you have your address registered and learn where your bus stop will be.

Once all of that is covered, you can breathe! We’re going to be sharing lots of tips for getting ready for school in the coming months but you’re already doing the number 1 thing : having your child in child care and access to social and emotional development will greatly support their success in school! 

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