Winter dressing guide

Woah, has anyone else been losing track of time? We know that many of you are already prepped for the season but we wanted to share some of our tips incase you are still on the hunt!

  • Dress in layers– Today it is plus 12 degrees Celsius. Children are often moving around, and have body temperatures rising. A pair of pants and a shirt is sometimes all they need under their snowsuits. If you feel it is colder, have sweaters with t-shirts under so the layers can be pulled back to prevent over heating.
  • Mittens – oh my these get tricky! When buying mittens, please remember your littles want/need to have thumbs so they can grasp things, its really hard to play in mittens without thumbs. *PRO-TIP : look for mittens that zipper all the way up to the thumb to safe yourself some stress trying to get thumbs in the thumbhole
  • Hats – it is time for nice warm hats! When looking at hats please consider the size, when too big the children end up with covered eyes. * PRO-TIP- infants do really well with hats that tie to stay on
  • Scarves – while we understand that scarves add a layer of protection, they can become quite dangerous as the unravel. Consider buying a ring scarf/neck warmer.
  • Boots – Another tricky element to being outside- sometimes boots are so big and clunky that children get frustrated not being able to move around. Consider looking for boots with soft sides that make bending easier.
  • Snow suits – fit really does matter, especially for our littlest. Try to find a suit that allows for layers to go under and the child can still move around in. For self dressing, one piece suits are really helpful!
  • Car coats – big jackets in car seats are not recommended as they comprise the effectiveness of the harness. Consider having a fleece sweater as a car coat or looking up other safe alternatives!

Have playing in the snow!! It really truly can be magical

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