The Blue Rooms

Pre-Primary Age Room

We are excited to offer a full day program for our pre-primary age children. In this room, children benefit from a curriculum guided by “Capable, Confident and Curious: Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Framework” all while being provided full day care, maintaining child care regulated ratios 1:8, snacks/lunches, programs and community outings.

The Educators in this room are Ali Sweet and Kellie Sheals.

We promote school-readiness by:

*Social and emotional development using “Handle with Care”, “Circle of Security” and “Incredible Flexible You” : confidence, problem solving, empathy, resiliency etc.

* Encouraging independent skills: toilet training, zipping, buttoning, dressing, feeding etc.
* Pre-literacy skills: intro to letter recognition, phonics, sequencing, rhyming, repeating etc.
* Pre-writing: drawing shapes, drawing with purpose, intro to letter formation, strengthen pincer grip, etc.
* Basic math: number recognition, counting, predicting, hypothisizing, puzzles

  • Programs: Mad Science, Music with Stephanie, Basic French Language Instruction

The Blue Room 2

Welcome to the Blue Room 2. This room is a multipurpose room used for older preschoolers when needed and also as a gym throughout the year.

The classroom ratio is 1 educator to 8 preschoolers.

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