Our Educators

Ambyr Dunn is our Mad Scientist!

She has been working for Mad Science for nine years and worked overseas as a teacher in Nursery- Kindergartens for five years before that. She visits our Blue Room once a month to lead the children through hands-on science experiments covering topics such as Bugs, Animals, Light & Colour, Air Pressure, States of Matter, Chemical Reactions and Sticky Stuff! She loves visiting Allegro since kids are natural scientists-they are naturally curious about the world around them.

Hayley Ryerson is an accomplished fiddler, performer, and imaginative composer who highly values the joy music has given her in her life. She is pleased to be working at Allegro to provide quality music education to pre-schoolers! Hayley teaches fiddle at Lydian School of Music, is a Kindermusik Educator, and holds her Bachelor of Music from Humber College. Hayley’s musical heart is full of celtic fiddling. She performs and composes with Canadian folk quartet, Kitchen Orkestra, on fiddle and vocals.

Hayley believes in educating through inspiration, demonstration, and explanation while attuning herself to a student’s preferred learning style. She also values creating satisfying and stimulating musical experiences during classes. She is pleased to be teaching music classes here at Allegro. Music classes with Hayley emphasize meaningful and imaginative context, expression, exploration, and movement as they relate to musical development.

My Name is Tracy Pittman I am a 95 hour Certified Yoga Alliance Children’s Yoga Instructor.
I teach children foundational yoga with age-appropriate poses through music, singing, stories, and games. I incorporate breathing, affirmations and mindfulness and lots of fun into every class !!

Fun and Fitness
This is an interactive program offered to the children to bring exercise through fun activities that focus on spatial awareness, cognitive and mental development, and use of major muscles.

Songs, music, games, and props are all used to make this class super fun!

Robin has been working with children for over 20 years, from the school system to her own private daycare, preschool and afterschool program. She loves kids!

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