Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Allegro Child Care Centre strives to meet the physical and psychological needs of the whole child.  Through fun and games, tempered with guidance, we are helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, listening, emotional regulation and independence.  Our program prepares  children to harness their intellectual,  emotional and creative abilities, thus giving them a stimulating environment in which to grow.  We have a rich history of providing developmentally appropriate programming that adapts to meet the needs and include of all our children.

ALL learning happens through Relationships!

Our Vision

At Allegro Child Care Centre you will see:
*No lines to stand in, only games to play
*No patterns to follow, only materials with which to create
*No complicated, abstract meanings children can not understand.  Only ideas and things to talk about, relate to, compare with, match, fit in to, try out, reinforce, invent, discover and enjoy.
*To include, respond, and meet children where they are. To ‘be with’, embrace intentional moments and respect the diversity they bring.

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