Parent Info

Communication is key! Allegro Child Care Centre continues to develop its communication tools to allow for an open dialogue between parents and our educators. In addition to this open dialogue, Allegro has implemented a number of tools to facilitate better communication.

  • Classroom Information Boards: Each Classroom maintains an information board at the exterior of their classroom. This board includes outing schedules, menu changes and general information on age appropriate topics.
  • Email Lists: Allegro maintains an e-mail list with parents, allowing for quick notice of policy changes, Centre updates and administrative notices.
  • Parent Meetings: In accordance with Community Services, Allegro holds two general Parent Meetings in the spring and fall. These meetings are an opportunity to introduce programming changes, Community Services regulation changes, etc. Whenever possible Allegro will add a guest speaker to these meeting on relevant topics such as Bullying, School Readiness, or Music training opportunities.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: Allegro holds two parent-teacher meetings a year. These meetings between teachers and parents allows for everyone to talk about the progress of individual children.  This is also the time for you to view your child’s portfolios.  The portfolios are passed to each room as your child advances,  and will be given to you the parent upon leaving Allegro.